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Drain Cleaning & Clog Removal

Magic Rooter is experienced and well equipped to handle any drain or sewer line problems. We use tools cable machines that use an electric motor that rotates a drum and spins a wire wound flexible cable. This cable grabs or pushes through obstruction that is causing your drains to clog.

Many older homes have pipes that store-bought chemicals can erode and cause your pipes to leak which lead to home and property damage. We do not recommend these products.

What causes drains to clog?

Drains can clog due to grease from your kitchen, tree roots, even toddlers that think toys go to a better place when flushed. Regardless of the issue, we can help get your drains flowing freely in no time.

Call on Magic Rooter (662) 308-7858 to take care of your drain cleaning and clog removal plumbing needs!

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