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Septic Tank Installation & Maintenance

Magic Rooter provides quality septic tank installation and maintenance services to business and residential customers in Stakville.

Septic Tank Installation

Installing a septic tank is not an easy task. There are regulations that must be considered and you will often require a permit from the city or county prior to getting started. We will work closely with you during the tank installation to ensure the plumbing and environmental considerations are met.

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Evaluating the property

The trained plumbers at Magic Rooter will come on-site and evaluate the property. We will determine what size of a tank and drainage field your site requires. We determine this by how many bedrooms are in the home as well as the soil on the property.

Installing the holding tank and leaching field

Once the property evaluation is complete we will begin the installation of your tank. We will use a backhoe to dig the hole for the septic tank as well as lay inlet and outlet pipes for the tank.

Once we have completed the installation of your tank we mark the opening so you know where it is.

Septic Tank Maintenance & Repair

Septic Tanks are made to last decades however, a poorly maintained tank can cause odors coming from the tank, leakage or overflow coming from the tank, as well as inadequate filtering. We highly recommend regular maintenance of your septic tank system.

Magic Rooter can help maintain your tank by providing scheduled cleaning and pumping of the tank ever 2 – 5 years. During this time we will inspect the tank and leaching field. This is an important step as tree roots and other issues can cause expensive damage to your absorption field and the property.

Why trust Magic Rooter for your tank installation and maintenance?

We bring over 30 years of experience in septic tank installation and maintenance.

Magic Rooter knows the requirements of our area to ensure your tank installation is done correctly.

We stand behind our work!

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